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 Jiangsu Renqing Yuxin New Energy Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The factory is a national high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province.
We are committed to providing smart charging equipment to global customers, providing safe supporting hardware equipment for platforms, users and data operation service providers. Meanwhile Jiangsu Renqing Yuxin New Energy Co., Ltd., are committed to smart charging, safe charging, and Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) of chargers in a network system.

Professional Field

Since 2018, our R&D team has been committed to researching charging pile, control board solutions and operation service management platform systems. We sold European and American standard AC and DC control boards more than 2 million pieces so main control technology is very mature and stable.

In 2023, raising by a large amount of funds from the Jiangsu government and investment institutions, we established a cutting-edge production base in Suzhou and are committed to providing a complete industrial chain and back up after-sale services.

Core Business

Our core business based on electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including AC and DC charging stations, electric vehicle accessories, and residential energy storage solutions. We provide end-to-end solutions, covering charging management cloud platform, charging station point construction and commercial operation services.

Our Team

Our R&D personnel come from Emerson and Huawei. Two of them participated in the formulation and writing of China’s electric vehicle charging pile industry standards. There are also more than 60 engineers who are good at R&D, industrial design, mechanical design, project management, material control, top sales, technical support and SOP standard. We provide one-stop OEM and ODM services, including hardware, software and comprehensive support.

Core Mission

At the core of our mission is a passion for the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with innovation and user experience. Our commitment is to solve customers’ problems. whether in the field of home charging or commercial charging, to make life more efficient, healthier, more comfortable, more environmentally friendly, and safer.

Corporate Advantage

Our Expertise
Since 2018, our dedicated research and development team has been pioneering control board solutions, marking the onset of our journey. In 2023, we expanded our horizons by establishing a cutting-edge production base in Suzhou, fueled by substantial investments from the local government.
Core Business
Our core business revolves around electric vehicle chardind infrastructure. includina AC and Dc charoind stations. electric vehice accesories.And residential energy storage solutions. We provide end-to-end solutions, covering charging management cloud platforms, station construction, and operational services.
Our Team
With a diverse workforce of over 250 individuals, including 50+ engineers, our team excels in research and development, industrial design, mechanical design, project management, materials control, sales, quality assurance, technical support, and more. We offer one-stop OEM and ODM services, encompassing hardware, software, and comprehensive support.
Production Excellence
Our state-of-the-art factory, located in Zhangjiagang City, spans approximately 8,000 square meters. Equipped with advanced production lines and state of-the-art testing facilities, it boasts a remarkable monthly production capacity of 40,000 units across 20 dedicated production lines.
Innovation at Heart
At the core of our mission is a deep-seated passion for seamlessly merging cutting-edge technology with innovative user experiences. Our commitment is to resolve everyday challenges, whether it’s in the realm of driving or outdoor portability, making lives more efficient, healthier, comfortable, eco-conscious, and safer.


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